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Rotavap (Vertical/Thermostatic)

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Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Rotavap Series Diagonal Condenser, Model PBU-6 This model of evaporator is supplied complete with geared drive unit offering smooth speed control by analog knob, Jack arrangement fitted on base unit for positioning glass assembly, Double walled water bath thermostatically controlled temp., glass condenser double coiled with three opening for vacuum and cooling, pear (kjeldhal) shaped evaporating flask capacity 800 ml., receiver flask capacity one liter fitted with a ball joint, feeding tube and vapour path tube a complete working unit. The same unit can be supplied with round bottom one liter capacity evaporating flask instead of 800ml. per shape.

Model Description
R/170/02 Vertical condenser double coil with two outlets for water circulation. With S-35 Ball at bottom for connecting to receiving flask. Quick fit type joint at top of condenser. Cock for feed tube on one side while the other side will be connected to motor with ring. 
R/170/03 Cone Adapter for condenser to Vacuum pump
R/170/06 Vapour Path Tube B-24, B-29
R/170/07 Gasket Seal for Vapour Tube (VITON)
R/170/11 Feed Tube for condenser trap
R/170/13 Receiving flask with S-35 cup (socket) joint capacity 1000 ml.
R/170/15 Evaporating Flask Kjeldhal cap. 800 ml. B-24
R/170/17 Evaporating Flask Kjeldhal cap. 500 ml. B-24
R/170/19 Evaporating Flask Kjeldhal cap. 300 ml. B-24
R/170/21 Evaporating Flask Kjeldhal cap. 100 ml. B-24
R/170/23 Tension Spring to hold condenser.
R/170/25 Wire Clip to holder vapour tube and boiling flask
R/170/27 Ball joint clip S-35
R/17032 Water bath double walled inner SS with Thermostatic temperature control.