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Polarizing Microscope

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Polarizing Microscopes are equipped with a smooth, rotating, graduated stage and a set of polarizers that allow observation of all types of transmitted light polarized specimens such as thin sections of minerals, polymers, crystals and particulates.
They are equipped with a comfortable viewing, adjustable binocular head and a fine set of Centerable Full Plan achromatic objectives giving a magnification range of 40X 1000X. The Polarising Attachment is supplied with Bertrand Lens, Lamda, Quartz Lamda, Quartz Wedge & Polarizer with Lock. The microscope is also supplied with a rack and pinion mounted, adjustable condenser with a 30W illumination source and coarse/fine focus knobs with limit stoppers and tension adjustment.
OBJECTIVE : Infinite Corrected Full PLAN 4x, 10x, 40x ( Plan), 100x oil
EYE PIECES : WF Focusable 10x ( FOV 20)