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LX 400 Fluorescence EFL2

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From the most basic to the more complex laboratory applications, the Lx400 stands strong as a truly modular system. With an Infinity corrected RP Plan Achromatic optical system, users will enjoy crisp images with excellent color fidelity and high accuracy in image rendition for a wide spectrum of specimens.
The configured model includes EPI Fluorescent Attachment with a 100w Mercury bulb housed in a fluorescence filter block. The blocks are B-Excitation Block and G-Excitation Blocks ideal for basic DAPI and FITC use only. These units are ideal for bio-tech testing at the university or research level.

OBJECTIVE : Infinite Corrected Full PLAN 4x, 10x, 40x ( Plan), 100x oil
EYE PIECES : WF Focusable 10x ( FOV 22)