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Vacuum Pump (Oil Free)

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Oil Free portable vacuum cum pressure pump.
A portable diaphragm type vacuum pumps cum oil-free air compressors manufactured from special grade aluminium for light weight and strength, Built in Micro Suction Filter.

Catalogue no.  Model Max. Flow (lts/ min) Max. Vacuum (in. Hg.) Max. Press (Psig) Motor HP
R/212/02 OFD-15-S 15 22’’ 25 1/20
R/212/06 OFD-15-D 15 27’’ 35 1/16
R/212/08 OFD-25-D 25 22’’ 25 1/16
R/212/10 OFD-45-S 45 22’’ 40 1/8
R/212/12 OFD-45-CRP 30 22’’ 20 1/8
R/212/14 OFD-45-D 45 27’’ 60 ¼
R/212/16 OFD-75-D 75 22’’ 45 ¼
R/212/18 OFD-45-FM* 45 22’’ 30 ¼


Vacuum gauge with regulator
Catalytic Hydrogenation Apparatus Low Pressure Shaker type
Acompact until for chemical reactions which require the agitation of a solution in the presence of gas under pressure up to 60 lbs. per square inch. Recommended for numerous reducation and condensation reactions which arise in the synthesis and investigation of organic compounds and which are accomplished conveniently by treatments with hydrogen in the presence of suitable catalyst.

The apparatus consists of shaker mechanism with ¼ H.P.A.C. Electric Motor (Totally enclosed fan cooled type) or FLAMEPROOF Motor. Glass or SS reaction bottle clamp, perforated steel guard, gas pressure gauge 0 to 100 lbs. per square inch. The reaction bottle and supply tank are individually tested to 100-125 lbs. per square inch pressure. Complete with tank inlet valve assembly, three way valve assembly for use between tank and reaction bottle, 6 feet pressure tubing for connecting gas supply tank to hydrogen cylinder, 10” of pressure tubing for connecting reaction bottle to gas supply tank, tubing clamps, cord and plug.
The compound gauge (pressure cum vacuum gauge) fitted over 3-way valve assembly connecting tank to reaction bottle indicates vacuum in the initial evacuation of bottle before reaction and pressure at the time of reaction Measure by means of gauge attached, affords quick and accurate method of measuring the rate of reaction and also the extent to which the reaction in the bottle has proceeded. The apparatus is fitted on a heavy M.S. base plate nicely duco painted and all other parts are chrome plated.