Equitron symbolizes complete range of equipments like Autoclaves, Water Still, Colony Counters & Anaerobic Jar etc. These instrument are used insterilization, pathology, microbiology and organic chemistry labs. Equitron Instruments & known for their quality, accuracy & aesthetics.

Pipette and petri dish Sterlizing Boxes

EQUITRON Advantages:
Full SS construction.
Petri dish box is seamless, die pressed with a removable steel rack to hold 100mm petri plates.
#6601Pipette Box – SSØ 6 X 38 cm (15x½”)
#6605Pipette Box – SSØ 5 x 45 cm (18x2”)
#6620Petri Box with carrier-SSØ 7.5 x 19 cm (7½x3”)
#6621Petri Box with carrier-SSØ 11 x 25 cm (10x4¼”)

Slide Tray & Staining Stand

#6105Viewing - AL24 slides
#6115Drying - SS4 grooves - 30 cm
#6121Staining Stand (Ghodi) - SS28 cm  (11") Long

Esr Westergren Wintrobe

EQUITRON Advantages:
Stainless Steel base & top, rest manufactured or coated with non-corrosive material.
Unique spring mechanism at bottom permits single hand operation for Westergren.
#6535Westergren Apparatus6 Pipettes
#6536Westergren Apparatus with level adj. & 2 plumb lines6 Pipettes
#6539Westergren Apparatus12 Pipettes
#6505Wintrobe Apparatus6 Tubes

Slide cabinet

EQUITRON Advantages:
Full MS construction, duly pre treated and heat cured, epoxy coated.
Unique patented design of drawers - requiring 1.252 feet to store 21600 slides (bulk) or 7560 slides (individual) - if three cabinets stacked one above the other.
A highly flexible storage system, where mix and match is possible, with one bulk cabinet (7,200 slides) and two individual (2520 slides each = 5040) or vice versa.
#6001Bulk Storage7,200 slides
#6052Slot for slide cabinet:
#6050Base for above

Refrigerated Circulating Bath


Ideal for Rotational Viscosity tests, Spectrophotometers, Refractometers, Electrophoresis, Isoelectric Focusing,Calibration, Chromatography, Condensers, Densitometers, Polarimeters and General Laboratory Cooling.

EQUITRON Advantages:
EQUIBATH provides heating & cooling.
Eliminates all the unwieldiness and hassles of using a separate Bath & Chiller.
Built in circulator pumps to external devices.
It offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for the most demanding applications.
Quiet operation.
Temperature Range -10 to +120c.
PID Temperature controller with timer, alarm & over temperature protection.
Control accuracy of 0.1C at -10C.
ModelBathExternal Size
#8506Refrigerated Circulating EQUIBATH – 6 L -10ºC to +120ºC145 x 150 x150 mm (usable)
#8520Refrigerated Circulating EQUIBATH – 20 L -10ºC to +120ºC320 x 320 x150 mm (usable)

Ultrasonic Bath/Cleaners

The EQUITRON Ultrasonic Baths / Cleaners deliver maximum penetration and power to address the most demanding & critical cleaning, mixing, degassing applications. Ideal for laboratory, medical, surgical, dentistry & ophthalmic instruments cleaning, printing, pharmaceutical, electroplating & allied industries.

EQUITRON Advantages:
High frequency 53kHz for minute cavitation & deeper penetration.
Fine tuning control of power factor between 40 & 100% in the LCD series.
Inbuilt heater - range upto 60C - in the LCD Series.
Drain Valves in models 10 litres and above.
53 kHz – without heater53 kHz – LCD Display with heater plus power factor controlCAP / TANK SIZE
#8422.030.53X#8442.030.53H03.0 L / 24 x 14 x 10 cm
- #8442.060.53H06.0 L / 30 x 15 x 15 cm
#8422.100.53X#8442.100.53H10.0 L / 30 x 24 x 15 cm
-#8442.150.53H15.0 L / 33 x 30 x 15 cm
#8422.225.53X#8442.225.53H22.5 L / 50 x 30 x 15 cm

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