Equitron symbolizes complete range of equipments like Autoclaves, Water Still, Colony Counters & Anaerobic Jar etc. These instrument are used insterilization, pathology, microbiology and organic chemistry labs. Equitron Instruments & known for their quality, accuracy & aesthetics.

Water Still Fully SS

EQUITRON Water still is ideal for all laboratories where distill water, free from dissolved salts, clear, odourless and tasteless water is required.

EQUITRON Advantages:
Thermostatic cut-off (self resetting type) for assured low water detection - with visual indication
Unique water level maintaining device improves efficiency.
Compact & user friendly space saving design - occupies less space & can be table or wall mounted.
Easily openable Boiling Chamber as well as Condenser for easy cleaning.
Fully stainless steel.
#7655M4 lit / hr3.0kW

Water Still Standalone Type

Stone-fin Water Still is ideal for applications requiring small quantities of distilled water - up to 10 litres a day.

Stone-fin Advantages:
Eco friendly design - eliminates cruel wastage of water.
With 4 lit Food Grade Distillate collection container.
An innovative stand alone design works without a running water connection & hence the Stone-fin can be placed just about anywhere; requires table top space of just 1.2 sq.ft.
Clear bottom in Boiling chamber - enabling easy cleaning and no heater scaling problem.
Connection to a 5 ampere wall socket allows easy and anywhere connectivity.
Unattended operation - shuts itself off after completion of distillation.
Requires no skilled labour.
Lowest cost of distillation.
#7674TStone-fin Water Still4 litres / 4 hrs

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