Equitron symbolizes complete range of equipments like Autoclaves, Water Still, Colony Counters & Anaerobic Jar etc. These instrument are used insterilization, pathology, microbiology and organic chemistry labs. Equitron Instruments & known for their quality, accuracy & aesthetics.

Stirred Water Bath (Constant Temperature Bath)

Ideal for constant temperature applications in Refractometry, Polarimetry, Rotational Viscometry, in biotechnology laboratory for development of culture applications and general laboratory work.
Ideal for critical applications requiring a high degree of temperature accuracy and uniformity.

EQUITRON Advantages:
Stirring achieved by an efficient, continuously rated, self cooling motor with SS shaft and propeller of anti-corrosive material.
Independent over-temperature self resetting safety cut-off with alarm.
Full SS construction.
Uniformity: 0.1C at 37C.
Resolution: 0.1C
CE certified
ModelBathSize L/W/DTemp. RangeAccuracy
#8405-Stirred Water Bath30 x 15 x 15Ambient± 0.1°C
#8414-Stirred Water Bath32 x 30 x 15Ambient± 0.1°C
#8428-Stirred Water Bath50 x 30 x 20Ambient± 0.2°C

Digital & Thermostatic Water Bath

Ideal for sample pre-treatment in QC, for Serological tests in Pathology and all thermostating tests.

EQUITRON Advantages:
Fully stainless steel, including bottom, makes it GMP standard & total rust proof.
Easy to set & use - direct digital setting & readout.
Double walled full SS construction with glasswool insulation.
Temperature Range: Ambient + 5 to 65C.
Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator - 1C resolution.
Energy efficient tubular heater.
ModelSize L/W/DKahn 30Kahn 48Optional SSOptional Float Ball
#6701-TH27 x 13 x 12-1#6901#6990-50 x 1
#6701-DI27 x 13 x 12-1#6901#6990-50 x 1
#6721-TH30 x 27 x 1213#6921#6990-50 x 2
#6721-DI30 x 27 x 1213#6921#6990-50 x 2

Concentric Ring Water Bath

Applications :
EQUITRON Concentric Rings water baths are identical for all applications requiring gentle steaming work with Erlenmeyer flasks, glasses etc.

EQUITRON Advantages:
Fitted with a water level indicating device
Optional constant water level device.
A removable flat drop on lid for concentric rings enables the bath to be used for other work also.
Double walled, insulated, full stainless steel construction.
Concentric rings in steps of 25 and 50 mm ID moulded from industrial grade non-corrosive material.
A precise Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller having resolution and control accuracy of 1C in digital model.
ModelBathControlConcentric RingsHeater
#6806DI30 x 20 x 10 cmDigital6 holes of 75 mm Ø with steps of 25 mm800 W x 1
#6812DI40 x 30 x 10 cmDigital12 holes of 75 mm Ø with steps of 25 mm800 W x 2
#6824DI60 x 40 x 10 cmDigital24 holes of 75 mm Ø with steps of 25 mm1500 W x 2

Oil Bath Round Bath


EQUITRON Round Baths are ideal for all applications requiring, reliable and safe reactions, extractions, analysis and tests.
A clear bottom. A uniquely designed Bath. Ensures no heater burn out due to lack of water.
An absolute over-temperature alarm with auto cut off.
Double walled, internal and external chamber full stainless steel construction.
A floating overshoot alarm set 5C above set point.
Absolute over temperature alarm - audio - with auto cut off.
End cycle visual indication with heater cut off.
Clear Bottom Series 300 °C – w/timer & safety cut offImmersion Series 250 °C w/ safety cut offSize / Details
Model CAT ‘A’Model CAT ‘B’
#8481CBPO#8481ISDWO1 litre / ø 165 x 90 mm
#8483CBPO#8483ISDWO3 litre / ø 230 x 130 mm
#8485CBPO#8485ISDWO5 litre / ø 260 x 150 mm
#8490CBPO#8490ISDWO10 litre / ø 350 x 200 mm
#8492CBPO#8492ISDWO20 litre / ø 450 x 300 mm

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