Equitron symbolizes complete range of equipments like Autoclaves, Water Still, Colony Counters & Anaerobic Jar etc. These instrument are used insterilization, pathology, microbiology and organic chemistry labs. Equitron Instruments & known for their quality, accuracy & aesthetics.

Anaerobic Jar

EQUITRON Anaerobic Jars are ideal for all tests requiring strict anaerobic conditions in closed environment.

EQUITRON Advantages:
A compound gauge (manometer) eliminates guesswork in monitoring cycle process.
A single knob for tightening the lid makes it easy to use.
Seamless stainless steel body, argon welded to a SS flange.
Semi lucas type indication facility.
SS Rack for 100 mm plates, with gas pack sachet holder in small Jar (#8151).
Two needle valves on lid.
ModelDescriptionApprox. size
#8151Anaerobic Jar - SmallØ12 x 20 cm
#8155Anaerobic Jar - BigØ22 x 22 cm
#8160Anaerobic Jar - PolycarbonateØ12.5 x 23 cm
#S1114-25Gas PackPack of 5
#S1114-05Catalyst for Anaerobic JarPack of 5
#S1114-50Test Strip for Anaerobic ConditionPack of 5
#6218Test Tube Rack Ø 20 x 8 for an jarRound 110 mm

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