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REMI has thecomplete range of sophisticated & regular instruments like stirrers, centrifuges, shakers, B.O.D, Environmental Test Chambers, ultra low freezers, etc.Remi instruments are used in industries like Pharmaceuticals,Formulations, Nutraceuticals,Clinical research, Life Sciences, Paints, Coatings, Microbiology,Biotechnology, Chemicals, Textiles, Oil, Petroleum,Petrochemicals, Refineries, Power and Institutions like Hospitals,Diagnostic Centers,Testing Laboratories, Blood Banks, Pathology Labs,Health Centre, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Educational & Research Institutes with great satisfaction.

BOD Incubator /Cooling Incubators

Cooling Incubators find applications in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Research Institutions for storage and incubation studies. They are mainly used for B.O.D. test, storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines, culture of bacteria microorganism and plant life; serum incubation studies, Immunological work etc.
These Chambers are constructed of double walls. The exterior is made of sheet steel while the inner chamber is made of stainless steel. The microprocessor based units are supplied with soft touch keyboard for fast and accurate setting of various parameters. GMP models with inner chamber of SS 316 and outer chamber of SS 304 stainless steel are also available with IQ, OQ & PQ documentation as per ICH guidelines. Available in Various Sizes from 85 ltrs to 500 ltrs

Environmental Test Chambers / Seed Germinators

These Microprocessor Controlled Environmental Test Chambers are widely used for testing of electronic and electrical components, corrosion test on mechanical assemblies, tests on packages, paints & varnishes, cement plants & variety of other applications. Seed Germinators are useful for seed testing, biological studies, forestry research work, etc. They are suitable for the simulation of temperature and relative humidity values above freezing point. Chamber illumination with fluorescent or ultra violet lights along with cyclic timer gives user the flexibility to simulate day/night conditions inside the chamber.
The chambers are constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of sheet steel while the interior is of stainless steel. A powerful air circulating fan creates positive air flow to maintain uniform conditions within the chamber. Soft touch keyboard ensures fast and accurate setting of various parameters. Available in Various Sizes from 170 ltrs to 500 ltrs

Stability Chambers

These Stability chambers are designed as per ICH guidelines and are manufactured to comply with the requirements of cGMP in industries for stability and shelf life test on drugs and drug substances. The chambers have outer body of SS 304 (dull buff finish) and inner chamber of SS 316 (mirror finish). The chambers are equipped with capacitance type humidity sensor for direct display of humidity and temperature with user friendly Microprocessor control system for setting and control of run parameters. The use of RS-485 port & software greatly enhances the performance of the cabinets. PC interface allows the user to monitor the performance of number of cabinets even from a remote location. Windows based software allows the user to store & analyze the data obtained from various stability chambers / incubators & deep freezers within the lab. Reports are generated both in tabular & graphical formats. The security features incorporated in the software meets the requirements of 21 CFR part 11. Available in Various Sizes from 170 ltrs to 500 ltrs

Laboratory Refrigerators

These medical/laboratory refrigerators are used for storage of sensitive cultures, vaccines , culture of bacteria microorganism and plant life; serum incubation studies. These cabinets are designed for storing of cultures, specimens & reagents in test laboratories.

Salient Features:
Stainless steel inner chamber with adjustable shelves.
Digital temperature indicator-cum controller.
Audio-visual alarm to indicate variation of temperature beyond the set point.
See through Plexi Glass door.

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