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Polylab has a high end & economical range of Laboratory Plasticware products with a long history of high quality and style. Polylab Laboratory Plasticware is used in all types of laboratories like R&D, Molecular biology, Pathology labs, Cell culture, Institutional, Genomic, Chemistry, Proteomic and Immunology.Using the best quality raw material along with Research and Development done on production techniques and processes, Polylab is able to offer best and user friendly product at much better price.


Polylab Measuring Cylinders, moulded in Polypropylene & TPX are single piece cylinders. These autoclavable cylinders have raised prominent graduations for easy reading and have excellent contact clarity. The broad base provides good stability.
Code No.ParticularsLeast CountPacking
8000110 ml.0.2 ml.24
8000225 ml.0.5 ml.12
8000350 ml.1 ml.12
80004100 ml.1 ml.12
80005250 ml.2 ml.6
80006500 ml.5 ml.4
800071000 ml.10 ml.3
800082000 ml.20 ml.2

Code No.ParticularsLeast CountPacking
8002110 ml.0.2 ml.24
8002225 ml.0.5 ml.12
8002350 ml.1 ml.12
80024100 ml.1 ml.12
80025250 ml.2 ml.6
80026500 ml.5 ml.4
800271000 ml.10 ml.3


Polylab measuring cylinders are now available with hexagonal base also. The hexagonal base provides excellent stability to the cylinder where as the tapered spout works really well while pouring any reagent.
Code No.ParticularsLeast CountPacking
8003110 ml.0. 2 ml.24
8003225 ml.0. 5 ml.12
8003350 ml.1 ml.12
80034100 ml.1 ml.12
80035250 ml.2 ml.6
80036500 ml.5 ml.4
800371000 ml.10 ml.3


Adding to the range of round & hexagonal base cylinders are the pentagonal ones. Polylab now offers you a wide range of cylinders with different bases to choose from. Prominently raised graduation & excellent contact clarity are among the other features of these cylinders.
Code No.ParticularsLeast CountPacking
8005110 ml.0.2 ml.24
8005225 ml.0.5 ml.12
8005350 ml.1 ml.12
80054100 ml.1 ml.12
80055250 ml.2 ml.6
80056500 ml.5 ml.4
800571000 ml.10 ml.3

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