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Polylab has a high end & economical range of Laboratory Plasticware products with a long history of high quality and style. Polylab Laboratory Plasticware is used in all types of laboratories like R&D, Molecular biology, Pathology labs, Cell culture, Institutional, Genomic, Chemistry, Proteomic and Immunology.Using the best quality raw material along with Research and Development done on production techniques and processes, Polylab is able to offer best and user friendly product at much better price.


These Racks for Scintillation Vials, moulded in Polypropylene, are autoclavable & corrosion resistant. There is an individual rack for both 8 ml. & 20 ml. vials. These rugged & stable racks can hold scintillation vials for convenient storage, handling & sample preparations.
Code No.ParticularsPacking
65101Rack for 90 vials of 8 ml. capacity2
65102Rack for 50 vials of 20 ml. capacity2


Polylab Cryo Rack is moulded in Polycarbonate making it tough, durable & autoclavable. This handy rack can hold 50 vials at a time. The unique feature of this rack is that vials can be unscrewed without actually picking them up as the vial will lock in every well and hence will not twist. This rack is provided with four anti skid rubbers & each well is identified with an alpha-numeric index.
Code No.ParticularsPacking
6620150 places for 1, 1.8 & 4.5ml Cryo Vials2


Polylab Cryo Boxes are moulded in Polycarbonate making it extra strong and autoclavable. These can accomodate Cryo Vials of up to 4.5 ml. capacity and are designed to be used at temperatures ranging from 0 0 -190 C to + 121 C. The transparent cover of the box gives a good view of the contents inside and is numbered for better inventory control.
Code No.ParticularsPacking
6630050 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials8
6630181 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials4
6630281 Places for 4.5 ml. Cryo Vials4
66303100 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials4


Moulded in Polypropylene, the top of the box is attached to the bottom through well designed built-in hinges. The bottom has built-in spaces to hold vials up to 2ml. capacity. Available in two different sizes, these autoclavable boxes bear alpha numeric index for easy identification of different vials placed inside.
Code No.ParticularsPacking
6650181 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials4
66502100 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml. Cryo Vials4


These unique boxes are moulded in Polypropylene and are therefore autoclavable. The Box itself is clear providing an excellent view of the tips inside while a table like structure is provided inside to hold the tips. The tip holding spaces are uniformly placed to facilitate the use of multi channel pipettes. The cover is joined to the base through ball catcher hinges and provides excellent protection to the tips.
Code No.ParticularsPacking
67001For 96 Micro Tips of 2-200µl6
67002For 100 Micro Tips of 200-1000µl6


The unique feature of these tip boxes is the improved robust hinge design which prevents the top from being easily disengaged from the bottom of the box.
Code No.ParticularsPacking
67011For 96 Micro Tips of 2-10µl6
67012For 96 Micro Tips of 2-200µl6
67013For 100 Micro Tips of 200-1000µl6

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