Labomed Microscopes

LABOMED family of microscopes provide high end / high quality Medical & Industrial microscopes for a wide range of applications at economical prices. The optical lenses of all microscopes are strain free anti-fungal coated & color-corrected for high resolution clear images for long life of microscopes. Some of the newest versions have articulated binocular heads and rackfree stage movements. The rackfree stage movements avoid the rack catching on sleeves and storage doors.

Metallurgical Microscope

Coming Soon.

Polarizing Microscope

Polarizing Microscopes are equipped with a smooth, rotating, graduated stage and a set of polarizers that allow observation of all types of transmitted light polarized specimens such as thin sections of minerals, polymers, crystals and particulates.
They are equipped with a comfortable viewing, adjustable binocular head and a fine set of Centerable Full Plan achromatic objectives giving a magnification range of 40X 1000X. The Polarising Attachment is supplied with Bertrand Lens, Lamda, Quartz Lamda, Quartz Wedge & Polarizer with Lock. The microscope is also supplied with a rack and pinion mounted, adjustable condenser with a 30W illumination source and coarse/fine focus knobs with limit stoppers and tension adjustment.
OBJECTIVE : Infinite Corrected Full PLAN 4x, 10x, 40x ( Plan), 100x oil
EYE PIECES : WF Focusable 10x ( FOV 20)

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