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ME/100 Test Sieves 8 Diameter fully made of stainless steel (both frame & wire mesh) with caliberation certificate by NABL Accredited Laboratory
Cat No.B.S.S 410/1969A.S.T.M 11-70I.S. 469:1972Microns
ME/100/04454.00 mm4000
ME/100/0556 3.35 mm3353
ME/100/06672.80 mm2812
ME/100/07782.36 mm2411
ME/100/088102.00 mm2057
ME/100/1010121.70 mm1680
ME/100/1212141.40 mm1405
ME/100/1414161.18 mm1204
ME/100/161618 1.00 mm1003
ME/100/1818200.850 mm850
ME/100/2222250.710 mm710
ME/100/252530 0.600 mm600
ME/100/303035 0.500 mm500
ME/100/3636400.425 mm420
ME/100/4444450.355 mm335
ME/100/525250 0.300 mm300
ME/100/606060 0.250 mm250
ME/100/7272700.212 mm210
ME/100/8585800.180 mm180
ME/100/87100100 0.150 mm150
ME/100/88120120 0.125 mm120
ME/100/891501400.106 mm105
ME/100/901701700.090 mm90
ME/100/91200200 0.075 mm75
ME/100/92240230 0.063 mm63
ME/100/943002700.053 mm53
ME/100/953503250.045 mm45
ME/100/96400400 0.037 mm37
ME/100/97500500 0.025 mm25
ME/100/98Lid & Receiver Set

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