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SUPERFIT offers a complete range of Metal ware, Teflon ware etc. Our extensive portfolio of Labware is made to the same high standards associated with our other Lab instruments and Glassware brands. Suitable for all laboratories our Labware offers durability and reusability in an environmentally aware world.


7300 Chemical Thermometers, celcius Engraved on Stem white capillary SUPERFIT™
Catalogue NoRange (Celsius)Total Length(mm)
7300/020 to 50o C260
7300/08-10 to 110o C300
7300/140 to 150o C300
7300/200 to 200o C300
7300/230 to 250o C300
7300/320 to 360o C300


7302 Chemical Thermometers, celcius Engraved on Stem made from Imported uniform bore yellow capillary SUPERFIT™
Catalogue NoRange (Celsius)GraduationTotal Length
7302/0110 to 110o C1/2o C300
7302/030 to 250o C1/1o C300
7302/050 to 360o C1/1o C300


7315 Precision Thermometers, Engraved on Stem SUPERFIT™
Catalogue NoRange (Celsius)Total Length(mm)
7315/020 to 50o C350
7315/08-10 to 110o C450


7340 Enclosed Scale Thermometers with interchangeable Cone at Stem and milky scale SUPERFIT™
Catalogue NoRange (Celsius)Cone SizeDivision
7340/05-10 to 110o CB 141o C
7340/170 to 250o CB 142o C
7340/290 to 360o CB 142o C


7325/10 Hydro Cum Thermometers, large LCD display , wall/Table top Min/Max. memory, C/F, Freex Alert Temp : -20 to +70C, Humidity : 20 to 99% RH


7325/15 Hydro Meter 3 in 1 Humidity, Clock. Digit Height : 15 mm LCD size : 41 X 60 mm, Unit size : 108 X 58 X 15 mm. Also Temptec 3 in 1 with In /Out Thermo.

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