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SUPERFIT has carved a distinct place in the field of manufacturing and supplying of Laboratory equipment. Our skilled professionals applied all their knowledge and skills to fabricate a range that gives highly satisfying performance. These are accurately fabricated from the finest quality raw material and are available in the market with a cost effective price structure


R/340Tin Layer Chromatography Kit Model PC-9. This unit is base on German pattern Developed by thickness adjustment arrangement between 0 to movable 2mm.Model PC-9 has the following components:-
a) Spreader (Applicator) made of electroplated brass.
b) Perspex base size 114 x 23 cm. to support 5 glass plates of size 20 x 20 or 10 of 20 x 10 cm. and two plates of 20 x 5 cm.
c) Drying plate rack anodized alluminium for ten 20 x 20cm. plates.
d) Spotting Template Perspex.
e) Developing tank with lid.
f) Five Glass plates 20 x 20cm. and two end plates 20 x 5 cm. or Ten 20 x 10 cm. and two 20 x 5 cm. plates.
g) Micro pipette corning glass.
h) Scriber.
i) Glass Sprayer with rubber bellow.
j) Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories for T.L.C. Model PC-9
R/340/02Draining rack for holding washed plates in angular position so that water can drop off over corner of wet plates before coating.
R/340/03Plate rack made of stainless steel to hold vertically two plates of 20 x 20 cm. in developing tank
R/340/ALDrying plate rack made of anodized alluminium for plates of 20 x 20 cm.
R/340/04T.L.C. Plate storage Teakwood Cabinet for transport and storage of coated plates, sealed against air humidity. Size: 38 x 23 x 20 cm.
R/340/05Dessicator Cabinet, this is used for storing plates in thin Layer Chromatography and for general laboratory work. Mae of hick alluminium sheet with stout glass door with rubber gasket. A tray for silica gel desiccant and two perforated shelves are provided.
Inner Dimension
Height x Width x Depth
Size 30 x 50 x 35cm.
Replacement and Additional parts for T.L.C Model PC-9
R/340/01Spare T.L.C. Applicator Electroplated Brass. Inbuilt thickness adjustment from 0-2 mm. (Minimum div 0.25mm)
R/340/08Spare Perspex base (white Acrylic) size 114 x 23cm. to support glass plates
R/340/07Spotting Template Perspex
R/340/11Glass plate all sides ground 20 x 20cm
R/340/13Glass plate all sides ground 20 x 10cm
R/340/15Glass plate all sides ground 20 x 5cm
R/340/17Chromatography tank with cover for 20 x 20 cm. plates
R/340/19Chromatography tank with cover for 20 x 10 cm. plates
R/340/21Chromatography tank with cover for 20 x 5 cm. plates
R/340/23Glass sprayer with rubber below.
R/340/25T.L.C. Micro pipette
Pipettes, Micro (Lambda) for T.L.C. single mark
Catalogue no.Capacity Lambda

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